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Too Pretty to be Aboriginal

Sasha Sarago examines Australia’s perception of Aboriginal beauty through the statement: "You're too pretty to be Aboriginal."To try and understand the origins of this phenomena, Sasha interviews four Aboriginal women to find the answers she is seeking. What surfaces are personal stories enmeshed in racial complexities – navigating through two worlds - a place where Aboriginality is questioned and Australia’s past still lingers. Dr Liz Conor helps Sasha uncover evidence of the statements’ history found deep within colonial white Australia. Left with uncomfortable truths, Sasha faces her own issues with identity and femininity to determine where she stands with ‘pretty’.


Directed by Sasha Sarago

Produced by Lisa Albert

Edited by Vincent Lamberti

Genre: Documentary
Length: 13:30 mins
Commission: NTIV
Year: 2018
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