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Apmere Ayeye


Since 2005 Fringe Dweller Films have run filmmaking workshops in the town-camps Alice Springs, Central Australia. The idea is that town-camp residents, amongst the most disadvantaged people in Australia, are empowered to tell their stories in films that a broad audience want to watch.


"The very act of making these films gives great and immediate voice to Aboriginal Australians living in town camps"

Senator Rachel Siewert

Study Guide - Learn about town camp history and life, download here

Advocacy- Screened across Australia, from Parliament House in Canberra to the Fremantle Film Institute. These films offer a rarely seen view of town-camp life and an inside point of view, for policy makers and ordinary Australians alike.

Income - Profits flow back to the town-camp filmmakers.

Festivals & awards - Bus Stop

Broadcast - NITV (SBS).

Media - Alistair Splinter, director of Bus Stop interview on ABC RN. Listen here.

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