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Long form documentary

Broadcast: ABC-TV, NITV

Cinematic Premiere: Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

"Essential viewing for the on-the-ground truth about the Federal Intervention"

Chloe Hooper (author of Tall Man)


Intervention began life as a piece of independent academic research into the NTER spearheaded by Curtin University and supported by Caritas and Oxfam, however it soon grew into a fully fledged documentary project.


The idea was to survey 40 town camp residents living under the Intervention as to the effects on their lives whether positive or negative.


Intervention was the highest rating episode of ABC-TV's Message Stick timeslot, 2009 with an estimated 400,000 viewers tuning in. It's cinematic premiere at the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival in Melbourne played to a sold out house and it garnered a DAF award. Most importantly it presented the thoughts and feelings of those the Intervention affected to a broad audience, and one the government of the day could not ignore.

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