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Black Post White


The East Gippsland Aboriginal community is one of the largest in Victoria, yet it remains under represented, a problem this project addressed head on, finding amazing people and stories along the way.


3 x 13 minute broadcast documentaries for NITV (SBS)

1. Black Post White

Eye witness accounts of the clash of black and white culture in East Gippsland.

2. Jambi

An 1850's massacre at Butcher's Ridge leaves a solitary infant survivor who is found and bought up by an Irish farmer. 160 years later, their descendants meet by chance.

3. Kangaroo Tales

Frances Harrison, a unique artist, burns into kangaroo skins, the stories of animals she shares her country with.

PLUS 6 x 6 minute oral histories for Culture Vic. Read about and view films here.

These films will also travel with the amazing Gunyah project - a blackfella spiegeltent.

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